pest control services

Ant control

Our state-licensed experts seek out the source of the ant population and identify the source and the species of ant. Each species can determine the proper treatment, making it critical to enlist the help of trained ant control professional.

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Bed bug control

It takes an expert to successfully eliminate a bed bug infestation. There are several methods that have proven effective depending on the situation. Some of the bed bug eradication methods used include both chemical and non-chemical solutions. Our state-licensed exterminators are bed bug removal specialists that have been trained to identify, eliminate and prevent bed bugs.

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Bird control

After carefully identifying the species your Patriot expert will provide one or more of the possible solutions. Bird spikes - these limit the places that birds can nest, can be installed discreetly and are effective in preventing further nesting. Bird nets - netting that can cover up the potential nesting places. Bird wire - a wire grid that is similar to bird netting that will cause the birds to find other places to make their homes. Electronic deterrents - devices that will deliver electric shocks to the birds, causing discomfort and encouraging them to move elsewhere. These are often used in conjunction with bird spikes.

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Cockroach control

Our certified expert will inspect and developed a detailed treatment plan. We will take a fully integrated approach to your roach problem. Once our expert figures out where the roaches are getting in, we help find solutions that will stop them from coming back.

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Scorpion control

The treatment will depend on the species identified. The nesting bark Scorpion, which is the more dangerous species needs a more aggressive and detailed service than the occasional Desert Hairy Scorpion that wanders on your property from time to time. Black Lighting, band treatments, traps, and environmental altercations are all a part of an effective scorpion control solution.

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Rat & mice control

Eliminating the food, water, harborage and entry source is the key to controlling these pests. Trapping , baiting, and exclusion services will be a part of the plan as well. Your Patriot expert will provide a thorough inspection and create the appropriate elimination plan.

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Spider control

Thousands of species, both dangerous and safe. Identifying the species is key to an effective control plan. Your expert will come up with the appropriate control plan once the spider species is identified. However, you have to assume equal responsibility when it comes to effective spider control. We will detail your portion of the plan.

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Termite Control

There are several treatments for effective termite treatments, depending on the species and damage. Patriot will identify the species and outline the appropriate solution. It all starts with an inspection and detailed report.

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Bees/Wasp control

With Africanized bee’s in the county, we do not take a chance. We suit up and eliminate the exposed colony. This service is typically done late in the evening or at night when possible to help assure that we eliminate the entire colony.

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Crickets control

To control crickets it’s important for us to identify the source and the harborage area. Once we identify the source we will create a treatment plan that will include pest exclusion and the elimination of the harborage area.

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snake Control

Snake control is creating a plan to eliminate harborage areas. We will come out to remove snakes, but that is a reactive solution to snake control.

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Animal removal

Animal removal is done when an animal is deceased or harboring in a known location. We will capture and relocate or euthanize an animal depending on the laws of the County, State, and Federal Authorities.

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